Page 260 of 365: It’s amazing how few pictures can bring back so many memories.

Page 259 of 365: Don’t be sad if you get rejected, people reject expensive things because they can’t afford them.

Pampagising lang guys wahahahahhaha

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MMK lesson: Wag matakot mag mahal ulit.

Anonymous asked: Hi chamx! Madalas ka ba sa Fairview Terraces? May NBS ba dun? Thank you

Meron naman siguro. Bihira po eh. Twice palang.

Anonymous asked: hi ate chamxx! when was your first and last kiss with someone outside your family? tia

First kiss? First boyfriend. Last? Recent boyfriend.

Page 258 of 365: Sometimes, you just have to wonder how many times someone you care about has to hurt you before you finally don’t care.

Page 257 of 365: It’s not about the status, it’s all about how you care, trust, and love each other.



Page 256 of 365: Some people never realize how much little things can hurt somebody.

Page 255 of 365: I ignore all the other guys who want me because I’m too busy noticing you.

Page 254 of 365: I didn’t realize you weren’t right for me until it was too late and I was left hurt. I was too busy falling in love with you.

Page 253 of 365: I like you, you don’t like me. I give up on you, and then you finally decide to notice me.

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First 26.

Page 252 of 365: If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you.